Send me Lord!

Recently I have been listening to this one song titled ‘Send Me’ by River Valley Worship. It struck out to me when the artist sang just these two words, send me. If I want God to send me to do great things for Him, I have to give Him my time. I have to beContinue reading “Send me Lord!”

God or Goliath?

I once heard a song called “Goliath” by Lucy Grimble and Mitch Wong. In that song, it made me think, who or what is my Goliath? Is it my burden, my anxiety, my concern for my current circumstances, or my fear of falling into pornography, or my fear of losing the people who I loveContinue reading “God or Goliath?”

Never walk alone

Even in times of trouble, we will never be alone. His grace will always be with us. His grace will carry us, His grace will save us. No wonder David said goodness and mercy will follow me all of my days! Let us never fear when we are in trouble because if goodness and mercyContinue reading “Never walk alone”

Letting go

If you look at the picture above and take a look at the quote, that quote is from a song by for King & Country named Control. I personally love that song because it reminds me when I start to worry or get anxious, either I am preaching, worried I would mess up, or makingContinue reading “Letting go”

Joy(Audio blog)

In the following link, I will talk about what joy is, why we should choose joy, and how we can choose joy. May it encourage you! Link here learn more about EmetShalom

Psalm 139

In the following link I will explain Psalm 139:1-16 how Psalm 139:1-16 show God’s love for us what God’s love really is and how did God show His love to us. I hope this will encourage you. God bless!

My True Testimony

My name is Charlie and I used to be an orphan. I was born with hemiparesis on my left side and have a history of seizures. When I had my seizures, I lost control of the left side of my body and sometimes I would stumble and hurt myself.  When I was still an orphan,Continue reading “My True Testimony”

Who is God?

Who is God? Genesis 1:1-27 tells us He is our Creator. He is the one who made us and everything around us. We are the only creatures on earth whom He created in His own image. While we were sinners, He sent His one and only Son to die for us. He was compassionate enoughContinue reading “Who is God?”

Casting Your Cares

We all have worries about things, and some have them worse than others. 1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all of your worries on Him because He cares for you. When we ask Him to help us with our worries, He does so willingly if we believe that He will. He knows everything about us.Continue reading “Casting Your Cares”


Prayer is a very important aspect of your walk with God. It is one of the many ways we can communicate with Him. When we pray for things we desire and God does not give them to us, it usually means He has something better in store for us. Thank Him for what He hasContinue reading “Prayer”

God’s Faithfulness

This year has been a tough year and the Coronavirus has done a lot of damage to this world. Through all of this chaos, God is still there and He still cares. He doesn’t look down on us with disappointment because we cannot fix our own problems. He is calling out to us and isContinue reading “God’s Faithfulness”

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