The Reason for the Resurrection

Let’s remember why today is Easter. It is a day of celebration and of rejoicing. Today, our Savior is risen so that we may not die but have an everlasting life in unity with God. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit has come to guide our steps every step ofContinue reading “The Reason for the Resurrection”

The Purpose of Jesus’ Life

Since the dawn of time, God’s plan was to start a family with us. We sinned against Him, which obstructed us from being one with our Sovereign God. He sent His one and only Son to die the death we deserved. Christ took our sins so we could be one with God again. The BibleContinue reading “The Purpose of Jesus’ Life”

The Death and Resurrection of Christ

During the Last Supper, Jesus was with His twelve disciples. He broke bread and used it as a symbol of His body. He then took a cup of wine and clarified that it was His blood which ratified His New Covenant with us. His blood was shed for everyone in order to forgive their sins.Continue reading “The Death and Resurrection of Christ”