The Purpose of Jesus’ Life

Since the dawn of time, God’s plan was to start a family with us. We sinned against Him, which obstructed us from being one with our Sovereign God. He sent His one and only Son to die the death we deserved. Christ took our sins so we could be one with God again.

The Bible said there is no greater love than to die for one’s friend. Christ died for us because He considered us not His friends, but His family. He overcame the darkness, defeated death, and was risen. Because He has risen, He has given us the power to rise through Him.

Before His death on the cross, Christ was also fulfilling the prophecies from the Old Testament of the Bible (Matthew 5:17). In Isaiah 7:14, it stated that Jesus would be born from a virgin and that would be the sign that the Messiah had come to save the world. He fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 61:1 by bringing the good news to the poor by assuring them hope. He healed people and forgave their sins.

‭‭ After His death, Christ stayed on Earth for forty days. Afterwords, He ascended to Heaven and bestowed the Holy Spirit to those who believed in Him. The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity and It is the spiritual entity that allows us to become part of God’s family again.

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