Who is God?

Who is God? Genesis 1:1-27 tells us He is our Creator. He is the one who made us and everything around us. We are the only creatures on earth whom He created in His own image. While we were sinners, He sent His one and only Son to die for us. He was compassionate enough to show us His grace and mercy.

Many times we have sinned against Him and every time He chooses to be a faithful God who never leaves us nor forsakes us. He wants to save us from His judgment and He has given us the decision to repent for our sins and follow Him. He basically gave us the decision to go to heaven or hell.

God will not tempt us to do evil because James 1:17 says God tempts no one. He has given us free will. When we are tempted, we can call on Him for help. Because there is power in His Name. Nothing is impossible for Him.

When we are in want, we can ask God for it. Because Matthew 21:22 says whatever we ask in prayer, we will receive if we have faith. Because God can give what you want. But we should not expect God to give us anything we want because we can’t fool God. God knows what we are thinking.

God is the only way to Heaven. He is the only one who can give life because He is life. He is the only one who can show us the truth. Because He is the only truth. Jesus is the Son because God transformed Himself into human form. And God is also the Holy Spirit that lives in us, guiding us.

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